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  • Fabulous photo opportunities for your next event

    Four fabulous photo booth alternatives
    The traditional photo booth still has its place at social events. But when you have a bigger crowd and want something a little more unique, consider these ideas for your next event.

    Arrival Feature
    Grab your guests on their way in! Make a feature piece around the main arrival point to your venue. Your photographer […]

  • Technical Event Lighting Transformations

    Stylistically designed lighting is one of the most effective ways to transform a space. You can completely change the atmosphere of your event using technical event lighting. Whether it is a traditional event venue or an or an unusual event space such as an office, lighting is key.
    Create interactive experiences
    Recently a client was launching a […]

  • Event Design Spotlight – Natural textures and warm light

    Are you looking to create a modern event design that is warm and inviting? Using natural fibres and textures is a beautiful way to incorporate simplicity and minimalism into your event design. We have seen more natural and ‘stripped back’ styling become really popular as a modern, warm and inviting theme.

    Ways to incorporate natural textures […]

  • Five Fresh Food Station ideas for your next event

    If you have ever been delegated the task of making the company Christmas party more than ‘just another cocktail event’ you will know the struggle that comes with planning an annual event that each year needs to be different. We have pulled together our five favourite food station ideas that we have executed over the […]