A striking audio visual component is a vital aspect of any multimedia presentation, in Brisbane and throughout Australia. Solution Red has pioneered the use of some of the most cutting-edge methods available, we have created the ability to present striking graphical and animated media presentations in almost any setting you can think of.

Our audio visual team in Brisbane creates the potential to present your message or statement in a huge variety of professional, private, or commercial settings. Our talented team are experts are creating a message-centric setting that puts you directly in the limelight, even in unusual or offbeat settings, while keeping firm view of the goals or overall theme of the presentation.

We can add weight and value to your brand launch or marketing drive, placing your brand or logo in to striking scenes and providing that ‘Wow’ factor, so important to today’s crowded pitch world. We can offer you the chance to stand out from your competitors.

Give us a call, and you will be struck by what our audio visual team can bring to your Brisbane event. We’re ready for you!

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The capital of Queensland lies in the southeast of the state, on the banks of the winding Brisbane River. The third-largest city in the commonwealth, Brisbane is known for its lively entertainment scene and outstanding public transport.